Tessa's Rescue and Rehab - A Blind Dog Who Couldn't Walk - Please Share And Help Us Find Her A Home

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Tessa please visit our website and fill out an application. http://www.billfoundation.org Annie Hart from Bill Foundation rescued Tessa on January 11, 2013. Her medical condition was far worse than any of us expected, but we refused to give up on Tessa. With a leap of faith, we keep our promise and provided her with the very best care and a lot of love. The progress that Tessa has made is a tribute to the power of love and courage, and a reminder to us all never to give up. Special thanks to everyone who believed in miracles and helped us give Tessa a second chance at life. Please consider donating a few dollars to help us continue our mission of saving dogs in dire need. http://www.billfoundation.org Join us on our facebook page for inspirational rescue stories. http://www.facebook.com/billfoundationdogrescue