The 101 Best Christian Affirmations - Positive, Encouraging, Inspirational

* Christian Affirmations on DVD for Goals, Dreams, Health, Healing, Financial Blessings, Prayer, Self Esteem, Inner Peace, Happiness, Hope, Faith, Wisdom, etc. * Includes 101 Beautiful High Quality Pictures * Positive, Encouraging, Inspirational, Biblical! * Affirmations backed by 101 Bible Verses of Victory! * Inspirational Words to Give Yourself Encouragement! * Spoken over Beautiful and Peaceful Background Music! * Great for Workouts, Relaxing, Inspirational Gifts, Encouragement, Building Faith, etc. * 60 minutes total runtime. First 9 Tracks are 40 minutes spoken Christian Affirmations. Track 10 is 20 minutes that has all 101 Affirmations & 101 HD pictures with the background music (no voice). * Affirmation DVD has interactive MENU'S - for your enjoyment! * Free Christian Affirmations VIDEO SAMPLE above.