The Bible Answers Rob Bell: A Response to "Love Wins"

This is a response to Rob Bell's promo video for his book "Love Wins" Rob Bell is a famous pastor in the United States often associated with what is called the "Emergent" Church. Do I believe everything Bell preaches is wrong? No. But I am troubled by the fact that someone with such influence is not preaching the whole, if not true, Gospel. A Gospel that does not include judgment and punishment for sins is an inadequate Gospel. The good news means nothing if people don't realize we all deserve the wrath of God. The 4 preachers at the end are (in order): John Piper, Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, and Paul Washer. Short Review of Bell's Book: Christianity Today Review: Tim Challies Review: Bible Reading: Max McLean Rob Bell's video- takitheterrible: John Piper's video- DGJohnPiper: Mark Driscoll- mrob4031: John MacArthur- JohnMacArthurGTY: Paul Washer- Katiekatew: