The Christian Institute News: 2013 Review of the Year

The Christian Institute: 2013 News Review of the Year with Jessica Khan. Including, Government agrees to Reform Section 5 of the Public Order Act to give greater protection to free speech -- Police chaplain Rev Brian Ross removed after saying he doesn't agree with gay marriage -- HFEA advises government to press ahead with genetically-modified babies -- Sir Richard Branson calls for drug decriminalisation -- Scottish Parliament Committee recommends 13 year-olds have better access to contraception -- David Cameron's Same-Sex Marriage Bill became law -- Welsh Assembly vote to introduce presumed consent for organ donation -- New Anti-Social Behaviour Bill's IPNAs seen as fresh threat to free speech -- MSPs Assisted Suicide Bill says patients as young as 16 could register their wish to die -- Peter & Hazelmary Bull lose Supreme Court appeal -- and Northern Ireland's Justice Minister announces plans to hold a consultation on weakening the Province's abortion laws.