The Christian Institute News: Adoption agency wins appeal

A Bill to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland has passed its final hurdle in Holyrood -- Former Tory Minister Tim Yeo, who supported the Westminster government’s same-sex marriage Bill, has been de-selected by his local party members in South Suffolk -- Plans to assign a state guardian to every child under the age of under 18 in Scotland, could lead to ‘good’ parents being penalised, according to Dr Stuart Waiton -- A pro-marriage adoption agency says it is ‘delighted and relieved’ after winning a battle to maintain its charitable status -- Sex education videos are to be given an age rating by the BBFC following an outcry from parents and teachers -- A mum who refused to abort her baby son when her waters broke at 20 weeks, says she wants to encourage other women ‘not to lose hope’ -- And a man who was talked out of jumping into the River Thames 6 years ago, has been reunited with the stranger who saved his life.