The Christian Institute News: Church hustings under threat

Christian leaders have warned that church hustings could be halted under new regulations contained in the Governments proposed ‘Lobbying Bill’ -- The BBC Trust has rejected a complaint of bias from the National Secular Society concerning Thought for the Day, in which Lord Singh said the legal action to ‘ban prayers’ at Bideford Town council meetings was an attempt to impose secularist beliefs and prejudices on others -- David Cameron has told a group of senior constituency officials that he made a terrible mistake over gay marriage -- A 44 year-old Belgian, who was born a woman, has ended her life by euthanasia, after a sex change operation did not meet expectations -- Durham’s Chief Constable, Mike Barton, has called for the decriminalisation of Class A drugs, and for the NHS to be able to give them out to addicts -- And former pilot and FBI agent Heath White has told how he came to love the daughter with Down Syndrome he’d asked his wife Jennifer to abort.