The Christian Institute News: Church of England: Same-sex blessing?

There’s conflicting reports that a blessing for same-sex unions could be proposed as part of a review of the Church of England’s attitude to sexuality -- An atheist ‘church’ has launched a half-a-million pound fundraising campaign to help set up ‘Godless congregations’ around the world -- Churches in Northern Ireland have come together to voice concern over the girlguides new ‘godless’ promise, and to call for the reinstatement of the old promise -- A company which manages student accommodation at Huddersfield University, has come in for criticism after refusing to allow Gideon Bibles to be placed in bedrooms -- The Supreme Court has told the Northern Ireland’s health minister that he cannot appeal a high court decision which forces gay adoption on the province -- The Government’s new Lobbying Bill risks undermining democracy & restricting freedom of expression and should be put on hold, according to a new report -- Labour’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell, has said that all day alcohol licensing laws should be reviewed -- And a soldier from Cambridge is to return his grandfather’s Second World War Bible to him after carrying it in his body armour during a six-month tour of Afghanistan.