The Christian Institute News: Methodists to ‘understand’ marriage

The Methodist Church has said it is to consult its members on whether they should ‘revise’ its understanding of marriage in light of the new gay marriage law -- A group of evangelicals within the Church of England has criticised an internal report recommending the church ‘marks’ gay unions -- Norman Baker, Minister in charge of Government drugs policy, has said legalising cannabis will be considered -- A free speech reform to Section 5 of the Public Order Act will come into force in February. Police will no longer be able to use the Act to arrest people just because others may find their words or behaviour insulting -- The Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford has announced he will hold a consultation on weakening Northern Ireland’s abortion laws -- Senior High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge says a lack of support from colleagues for his pro-marriage beliefs is part of the reason he has decided to retire early -- Michael Salter, the Prime Minister’s broadcasting advisor, is to enter into a gay marriage with Rob Church, who was formerly deputy director for ‘civil service reform’ -- And Alison Davis, who had long-term health issues including spina bifida, but fought for others right to life, has died, aged 58.