The Christian Institute News: Obama relaxed on cannabis

Scottish Parliament is to vote on whether the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill will become law on 4th February  --  Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein have been told by state officials in America that they acted unlawfully when they declined to bake a wedding cake celebrating a homosexual union  --  The Church of England’s General Synod is to debate whether the new Girl Guides’ promise, which has removed reference to God, discriminates against Christians  --  President Obama has said he views smoking cannabis as ‘a bad habit and a vice’, but not very different from cigarettes  --  Around 40,000 people took to the streets of Paris last weekend to protest against controversial proposals to weaken France’s abortion laws  --  The Bible Society is to launch a new initiative ‘Pass It On’, which encourages parents to read, listen to, or watch Bible stories with their children  --  And a Christian film has picked up an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Original Song’.