The Christian Institute News: Pentagon denies Christian ‘hate group’ slur

A pro-family organisation has been labelled ‘a domestic hate group’ during a training session for new army recruits -- Liberalising drug laws, and the introduction of heroin ‘safe-rooms’ are expected to be proposed as part of a Home Office drugs review being compiled by Lib Dem Minister Norman Baker -- Meanwhile, the mother of a young man whose suicide was ‘triggered’ by smoking cannabis, has said her son thought the drug was harmless -- A 16-year-old boy has been allowed to wear girl’s clothes and make up at a school in Scotland, despite his mother’s opposition – There are fresh concerns that ‘any’ acceptance of euthanasia could lead to healthy middle-aged people being encouraged to kill themselves -- Children are suffering because broken families are failing to properly teach about right and wrong, says Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw -- And a memorial to John Wesley has been unveiled to commemorate the anniversary of the preacher’s first sermon in Wales on the village green at Devauden, in Monmouthshire.