The Christian Institute News: Persecution of Christians under-reported

The western media are failing to report the widespread slaughter and persecution of Christians overseas, with politicians in the UK, the US and EU remain almost completely silent -- Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce says that David Cameron declined an invitation to attend gay magazine Attitude’s award ceremony to collect a ‘Politician of the Year Award’, because he knew his push to redefine marriage was unpopular -- In France, a court has ruled that mayors will to be forced to perform same-sex marriages against their religious beliefs, - those who refuse could face up to five years in prison -- Singer Charlotte Church has spoken out against the pressure on young female popstars to sell themselves as sex objects -- The US Air Force Academy is considering dropping the phrase ‘so help me God’ from its honor pledge after receiving a complaint -- A couple who are being sued for refusing to rent out their venue for a gay wedding, are launching a parallel legal challenge to protect their rights -- And a man who stole a 200 year old Bible from a church back in 1971 has decided to return it.