The Danger of Worldly Desires by David Platt

<p>THE DANGER OF WORLDLY DESIRES Revelation 17-18 What Is Going On? l An attractive woman who symbolizes worldly seduction... m A symbol of infidelity. m A symbol of idolatry. m A symbol of immorality. l Sitting on a beast that symbolizes worldly persecution. m Seven heads symbolizing seven mountains and seven kings. m Ten horns symbolizing ten kings. l The woman is devoured by the beast. m According to the purpose of God. l The woman disappears from the earth. m As a result of the judgment of God. What Does This Mean? l What we learn about this world... m This world is full of deceptive attractions. n Sensual pleasures. n Material possessions. n The promise of satisfaction. n The hope of security. n The insatiable lust for power. n The subtle lure of pride. m This world is headed to a definite conclusion. n This world will be destroyed completely. n This world will be destroyed suddenly. n This world will be destroyed eternally. n What we learn about sin and Satan... mSin is self-destructive and eventually damning. mSatan is a destroyer who knows he is inevitably doomed. n What we learn about Jesus... mBy His overcoming grace, He calls us to be saved. mWith His overcoming power, He calls us to be faithful. n What we learn about our lives... mLove for the world and love for God cannot coexist. n Love for the world pushes out love for God. n Love for God pushes out love for the world. mEvery one of us has a choice. n We can love the things of this world. l Our pleasures will always be fleeting. l Our destiny will be hell. n We can love the God of this world. l Our pleasure will be unfading. l Our security will always be in heaven Permissions: You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material provided that you do not alter it in any way, use the material in its entirety, and do not charge a fee beyond the cost of reproduction. For web posting, a link to the media on our website is preferred. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by Radical. Please include the following statement on any distributed copy: By David Platt. &copy; David Platt &amp; Radical. Website:</p>