The father’s first time to dance, but he did an Awesome Father/Daughter Dance in wedding. A Crowd Shocker!!!

<p>Reminder:The excitment is from 2:20. Make sure you watch the second half!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>That's the introduction from the Bride Jillian!: My dad and I dance to "I loved her first", then a surprise... "smoke" billows from the equipment to create a believable equipment malfunction, and then we bust into an awesome remix! My mom is crying at 1:00, I love the pure expression of her face. If you want to get right to the crowd shocking fake smoke, forward ahead to 2:20. This was such a special moment for me, I'm so glad that my dad was willing to give it a try! He's never danced before in his life. In fact, my grandparents are very religious and he questioned whether or not they would approve. Sure enough, you can see them laughing and enjoying it. He had so much to think of that day, with the pressure of acceptance, getting it right, and remembering 6 minutes worth of dance moves! I'm so proud of him. Additionally, my dad and I live 3 hours away from each other, since he had to go away for his job. It was very hard to learn the steps and get time to practice, so I know it's not a perfect routine. If we had lived in the same city or state, it would have been much more precise and advanced. However, since we only had a few months to put it together, and we lived that far away, I needed to make something simple enough to remember and easy to practice! I have another video that I uploaded so my dad could practice along with me on YouTube. A couple funny tidbits -- While my dad and I were dancing to the slow song initially, his brother told another family member: "There's the good ol' (last name) dance, stiff as a board." He sure ate his words that night! Also, my aunt (his sister) said to my cousin: "That's so Jillian! That's so Jillian!" Cousin: "That's so NOT Randy! That's so NOT Randy!" Haha!</p>