The Gentle Spirit Of A World-Class Horse Trainer

When "chance" brought me to this video I was reminded of the acceptance and love that God gives to our own wild hearts and immediately I wanted to share it in hopes that you might find the same similarities. Klaus Hempfling is a world renowned horse trainer. One might think that Klaus was born to train horses, and maybe he was. Initially - though, Klaus graduated with an engineering degree in telecommunications technology. He then became a teacher, then a freelance artist and later a theatrical director before becoming a traveler. It was in his travels that he became acquainted with "the horse". Interestingly, Klaus likes to meet his horses (wild and tame) without any expectations and prejudgments. When he is training (or teaching), his lead-rope always hangs in a "soft bow" so that the horse is always free. He remains calm and relaxed no matter how stressed the horse is so that the horse will learn to trust him. Another technique of his is to keep his distance from the horse and allow it to choose to follow him. He aims to be a place of refuge where the horse can find peace. I hope you too can find in God what his horses find in him.