The Happiest Facts To Make You Smile

The Internet inspired us to share these examples of why the world can be an awesome place. Music: This video was inspired by a BuzzFeed post: Which was also inspired by a Reddit post: Photo Credits: Holding Hands Joe Robertson/ Be thankful that spiders can't fly. Cute boy face with butterfly/Wikimedia Commons Beautiful wide smile of young fresh woman with great healthy white teeth. vita khorzhevska/ Dog Photobomb - Christmas family photo. Seal point Munchkin on blue tie dye background.  Linn Currie/ Rabbits with the jump competition rabbit-hop the rabbit hop is the new sport for kids they learn to work patiently with animals. AnetaPics/ AS17-145-22224/Wikimedia Commons Earth's Moon. Fawn-pug-and-black-pug/Wikimedia Commons Polecat cubs in the nest. BMJ/ Adorable beautiful newborn baby cradled in its mothers hands looking up with a look of wonderment. Langstrup/  Atlantic Puffins. Dave Ian Roberts/ Andreas Mulder/ Rat By Nadia Mitnick Spiderman Brandon Dill / AP Suryia the Orangutan & Roscoe The Hound Dog Meet The Quokka lunch box. usako/ I Can't Believe This Is Happening!