The Importance of Faith

PRODUCED BY FAITH-STORIES.COM Faith. It is a single word. One that gives comfort to a Christian’s very soul. For a non-believer that very word can incite emotions of anger and hostility. The dictionary defines faith as ‘firm belief in something for which there is no proof’. In the Bible there are countless references to faith. "Scripture tells us that without faith we can't please God. He created us and so one of the most important parts about having faith is pleasing God. We want to please our creator. And not only do we want to please our Creator but also this matter of sin. From Adam on we have this inherent sin," said Pastor Ray Logan. "Romans 1:17 it mentions that the just shall live by faith. If we want to live just in the world about us and not only just before God and such but we live by faith. We are to live that example to the world. That's very important and of course, then that's the very basic for the need of faith. That's why we have Abraham and all of those concerning the importance of faith."