The Limitations of Science and "Scientism"

Have you ever heard of Scientism? Look it up on google, it really is worth knowing about. Scientism, in the strong sense, is the self-annihilating view that only scientific claims are meaningful, which is not a scientific claim and hence, if true, not meaningful. Thus, scientism is either false or meaningless. -The Skeptic's Dictionary My problem with Scientism is rather than making someone more scientific, it makes them an enemy of science. Science is a useful tool, but it can become a barrier to learning and the pursuit of knowledge when it is used as the only method of investigation to the exclusion of all other disciplines. Telos, teleology, is the study of design and purpose. If you quantitatively define a painting merely as matter, you can not see its design or purpose. If you analyze the amount of paint, the direction of the brush strokes, but fail to see the big picture and the intention of its author, you have entirely wasted your time. How much more when we look at the universe, do you miss the big picture by only looking at the small details under a microscope?