The New York Subway Signs Experiment

In New York City, subway conductors have to point at a black and white sign. At every hour of the day. At every stop. On every train. Like they're some sort of automated robot that just happens to go home to families and children and processes complex human emotion. They do this to show that they've fully arrived on the platform. Conductors spend their whole day in that small booth, alone. It is incredibly loud, and they get minimal human contact. We decided to show our appreciation for their work. The signs we used: • You are not wearing pants right now • You have taken a selfie while driving • You have seen a passenger naked • Shoot the target with your laser finger [bullseye] • You are dead sexy • You still love Thomas The Tank Engine • Snape kills Dumbledore • The 2nd Ave Subway is a lie • NY is the greatest city in the world Thank you MTA conductors for getting us there on time (mostly).