The rapture theory ruptured

This is the second video in a series that discusses the end times. The series consist of 3 full DVD's in full HD format and is available from our website at: It is also available in book form from:, and in ebook form from: In order to follow the reasoning in this video one has to look at the first video in the series before you will understand this video. It is called "Israel or Church? Which is which?" Now that we understand that we as Church are part of the elect of the LORD, we have to look at teachings that differentiate between Israel and the Church. This video looks at the popular rapture theory, and shows why it is a fable, or as the title says, ruptured, and all its contents of hot air removed. It uses Daniel 9 as a basis and shows why this prophecy has been completed. It is extremely important to understand the following verses as far as Israel is concerned: Matthew 21 verses 33 to 46, and Luke 19 verses 42 and 43.