The Stragetic Battle Plan for Effective Prayer

<p>I don't have time to pray. How to find time to really pray?<br />Being strategic and are paralyzed and even writing down either what are praying for even <br />the names who we are praying for and having those prayres posted ---to write down what is <br />your focus.</p> <p>fervent prayer, passion. The enermy want to steal awawy our passion. strategic prayer, <br />conversation with God, thoughful, closet as war room, distraction, be honest and authentic <br />with God, not only a physical space but also prioritizing your mind or a place in your <br />schedule, or prioritizing in your decision-making, a place where we are going to honor God, <br />to seek Him first above all else, prioritizing our relationship with God above all.</p>