The Two-Legged Kitten Called "Amazing Grace" Is Just Like Her Name!

Here's a news report about a kitten missing her two front legs! Isn't she precious?!? 9/23/13: UPDATE: Again this is Gracie's owner. First of all I want to thank everybody for all of their prayers for our little a Angel. However today our little Gracie passed away. God did give us a little more time with her because of all the prayers. We do appreciate the time that God did give us with her in this world. If anyone, and especially IStandForIsrael would like to ever send us a response or just swap emails, we would welcome that. You can contact me at . Put Gracie as subject. 9/5/13: NEW VIDEO: 9/5/13: Another VIDEO! UPDATED Video: UPDATE 3/17/13 from the owner of Gracie: Unfortunately Gracie has developed Liver Disease and they say it is uncurable. We strongly believe in God and what he can do , therefore we ask for any and all prayers for Gracie, to keep her with us as she is so special and loving and we would love more time with her. Thank You to all for your prayers. UPDATE 1/9/12: The owner of Gracie (kendex00) left a comment and her permission for me to add it here: I am the owner of Gracie. I did not even know this was on here. Gracie is now about 5 years old and is doing fantastic. To all of the comments below, she is not , nor has ever been in pain. She gets around great and can even run quite fast for a two legged cat. She actually runs a lot like a rabbit. She goes up and down stairs fine. She does not even know she is handicapped. What a sweet, lovable cat. Now that I know all of the people concerned, I will try to soon post an update video of her.