The Wondrous Cross - Celebrating the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

The Cross is a symbol of the most radical life changing power in human history. From the Cross of Jesus Christ has sprung a new philosophy, a new approach to life. While it is true that many merely admire the bejeweled symbol as a piece of art or a recognized icon upon the steeple of a church, it's real power is transforming. In Roman times it was a symbol of death, the abrupt violent end of a human being. It was a symbol of suffering and shame. But the Cross of Jesus has become a pathway to new freedom, a cross upon which our exalted ego to which we all have been enslaved, is terminated. Real life now begins. This hallmark teaching will explain the details of, "The Wondrous Cross." We hope this message blesses and encourages you. For a complete library of free teaching videos please visit Visit us at Also consider connecting on these networks: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - GNLI Christian Post -