The World's Strongest Dad -- Extraordinary Father-son Effort to Transcend Disability

<p>He's pushed his disabled son's wheelchair through 85 marathons. He's also towed Rick in a dinghy, swimming the 2.4 miles before pedaling with his son in a seat on the handlebars as they completed stages of triathlons. It's all part of this extraordinary father-son effort to transcend disability. When technology allowed Rick to type, he said, "Dad, when we were running, it felt like I wasn't disabled anymore." That sentence changed Dick Hoyt's life. He and his son qualified for the Boston marathon in 1992, finishing 35 minutes shy of the world record. Then somebody suggested a triathlon. So far, they've done 212, not to mention four Ironman contests. Someone suggested Dick try racing on his own. "No way," he says</p>