There is a Star: By Sarah Macintosh

Watch the journey that changed everything! A touching short animation about the star leading to the manger. "There is a star" Lyrics: There is a star that will lead us to You Here in the dark we are searching for You And there as a baby You are Our hope in Your heart Hope in Your heart There as a child You lay Our life in Your hands Clutched in Your hands There is a cross that will lead us to You Here though were lost we are longing for You There in the sky we will glory in You Here in our hearts we are bursting with You Cause there as a Savior you are With hope in Your heart Our hope in Your heart Here as our Savior You've come Our souls You have won Our lives You have won meet the cast: Avery = Sheep Fuzz= Bunny Proton = Mouse Decker = Deer Character design, storyboard, and animation by Fuzz Animation.