there will be Judgement - Irishwordsmith

lyrics - put ur guns away/ none can take God on Judgment day/ Lion from the tribe of Judah, He hasn't come to play/ Son re pay's with His Sacred thesis, Ancient Chieftain that none delay no more baby Jesus, His meekness has changed/ His eyes are flaming fire every beast is afraid/ secrets will fade/ every lying, cheating thief, He'll meet and erase/ Godless earths sick with wrongs and prayer misfits, our conscience bare witness/ so people behave/ every drop of innocent blood, He'll seek to survey/..age of grace almost over, u should be seeking His Face/. Jesus be Praised. we live in the evilest age/ we should be peacefully teaching the Way/ giving the younger generation a fuller demonstration with a leading display/ instead the scenery's grey/ people greedily pray for needless evil things and not for grievances made/ God is cleaning, come praise/ He seeks to unbreak all these people He decently Preached into clay/ Him today revelation, detonation, Heaven's gates gaping for a blessed nation...awaiting elevation.. x2 Jesus descends and takes men to a better place when earth scorches/ pale horse rears, third world war nears, fierce forces/ airport's hit with air born missiles that stare courses/ Isaiah 24 flips years forward/ and predicts a shift of earth's orbit/ our Lord is giving feared warnings unheard of..why do people are still care for there mortgage ?/..were forfit, our court date is near..prepare for it. can't u see, were about to be cut off like amputee's hands indeed/ dont bite the hand that feeds/ seeing is believing but the evil that's coming man can't perceive/ bad fantasies/ the land dances/ u'll grab branches and pant frantic like anne frank did/ God loaned us earth and man banked it/ blood red moon, soon, red sunset looms/ were the Lord's subjects/ why does upset fume inside u when His Love blessed u ?/ world's a gun fest, drunk wrecks, zombie's like the undead...about to all meet the true Judge dredd revelation, detonation, Heaven's gates gaping for a blessed nation...awaiting elevation.. x2 everything tall will come down falling/ southwards to the ground, it sounds awful/ drouts of water, pyroclastic clouds making crowds nautiuos, because man doubts God and approaches without caution/ thinking they've out thought Him/ proud of sin, but were fallen, and its our own crouch were found lost in/ u should allow Boss in the moral of the storey is to give God Glory, were morally orphans, sodom and gomorrah we've horribly morphed in/ in doors in church on sunday and tomorrow we horde sin/ we've forgotten the Lord in all of our foraging/ He's a warring King/ the Righteous Core of our origin/ zeus ullyses with a group in lunacy and Mighty wouldn't' bother Him/...God of Gods..i adore Him and Honor Him. what happened to saying Grace before a meal ?/, no more prayers before bedtime like its sore to kneel/, odd being here with all the concrete stares, God's green earth consumed by wars and steel/ like they have more appeal/.. God is King, watch His Honor bring our comments a clobbering.