Think 9 Month Pregnant Woman Can Do Nothing? She Will Blow You Away! Oh My Heart!

<p>You can't do much the 9th month of pregnancy...but you CAN spoof Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" ;) <br />BEHIND-THE-SCENES:<br />SUBSCRIBE for vids M-W-F! <br />OUR CHANNEL:</p> <p>Check out Betsy (our rapper)'s channel!</p> <p>Prefer our updates directly to your e-mail inbox?<br />Want to see the rest of the channel?</p> <p>Follow WhatsUpMOMS! <br />Facebook:<br />Twitter:<br />Pinterest:<br />Instagram:</p> <p>Meg:<br />Elle:<br />Brooke:</p> <p>Want to collaborate?<br />Business Inquiries:</p>