THIS IS REAL! Healed of HIV/AIDS Positive 1 in Jesus' Name | T.B. Joshua

Mrs Nkachukwu Orakwue Odele came to The SCOAN to demonstrate that, regardless of what people say, the work of God will continue, as she testified of her complete healing of HIV / AIDS Positive 1 for the past twelve years. She came with her before and after medical reports from a government hospital to prove that yes, she once had HIV / AIDS Positive 1 and is now indisputably totally free. She said she had read an article that hurt her so much. The article said that there was no record of anyone who has been healed of HIV / AIDS at The SCOAN.  She wants the world to know that she herself is a living testimony of what God can use Prophet T.B. Joshua to do at The SCOAN. She said that she, herself and many others who have been healed of the incurable disease at The SCOAN stay in touch. She said "There are thousands of people who were also healed of HIV / AIDS here and we went further to exchange or contacts, telephone numbers and addresses. We call each other and, everybody, we are all comfortably okay" She went on to say, "Some are married with children. They no longer experience their symptoms and they give glory to God all the time." She also explained how she maintained her healing. She said, "People who previously received their healing hear at The SCOAN, when we were healed, the man of God declared us free and said 'Go and sin no more' which means, sin was the cause of our sickness and if you go back to sin, you will definitely have those symptoms again. You will find that even the sickness will come back. That is why, when we are healed, we are advised to go and sin no more. Those who are still experiencing symptoms today are the people who received their healing and went back to their sin. That is why. It is not that they did not receive their healing. They received their healing and were cured. They were prayed for like other people. But because they went back, that was why the symptoms came." In her advice to such people she said, "They should run to God for a second chance." She said "People should not be believing all manner of lies from the internet and all that, cause, look at me; I am a living testimony." Medical Reports: MORE INFO: