Top 5 Heroic Dogs You Should Know

Meet some of the world's most brave and heroic pooches. Most dogs are loyal but there are some dogs who take their loyalty to a whole another level. Here are 5 such heroic dogs: Number 5 - Duke, a shelter dog adopted 6 years ago, possibly saved the life of his owner's 9-week old daughter. Duke jumped on to his owner's bed in the middle of the night and started shaking and behaving strangely. The family sensed that something wasn't right and went to check on the baby. They found out that she was not breathing and called the ambulance immediately. Fortunately, the infant is doing well now. Number 4 - Kabang, a female dog from the Philippines saved the lives of two young girls after she threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle to shield them from getting hit. Both the girls and the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries however; the dog was seriously injured and lost its snout and upper jaw in the accident. Number 3 - 8-year-old pit bull named Lilly saved the life of her master, Christine Spain by pulling her out of the path of an oncoming train. Spain had passed out on the railroad tracks in Shirley, Massachusetts . Although the owner survived and was unhurt, the train struck the poor dog and her front leg had to be amputated. Number 2 - Kilo, a 12-year old pit bull from Staten Island was shot in head while he was trying to protect his owner from a home invasion. Fortunately, the dog survived as the bullet went into his skull and exited from his neck. Kilo's owner Justin Becker couldn't be grateful enough and in an interview with CBS said, ""He's a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job," Number 1 - A dog in Kazakhstan died while saving his owner's life. The pooch's 48-year-old owner consumed a bottle of hard alcohol before passing out on some railroad tracks. A law enforcement official states, "Upon seeing the train, the dog started pulling its owner away." However, it was a little too late. The dog managed to save its master but died when its back paws were run over by the train.