Twins Putting Themselves to Bed

PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE: one day i told the twins to go to bed and they did it! i was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis. I find it so cute, so I took a video of them doing it to show our family that lives far away. They are 1.5 yrs in this video. the crib tents are to keep the babies safe if they wake up while we are sleeping, and to keep bugs out of the cribs. They are also fire retardant, just in case anyone was worried :). and yes...we brush their teeth after they fall asleep--a fabulous recommendation by our dentist! soon, I will be posting part 2 of this video now that they are in big boy beds :) thanks for looking! You can also "like" Family Fun Pack on Facebook for daily funny status updates and photos of the kids!