U.S. Navy Sailor Surprises His Six Siblings, Then Mom and Dad

Visit http://WelcomeHomeBlog.com for more surprise military homecomings! "I am the older sister of Bill Curtiss. There is a total of 6 kids in our family. Bill is in the Navy and will be deploying soon for 9 months. The first few surprise videos (of all of the siblings) are from Bill's first time returning home in 10 months after being stationed in Chicago for training & school. He was suppose to return home late that night, but caught an earlier flight and was home 6 hours early. So, mom picked him up and videotaped as Bill surprised us all as we were coming home for the holidays. The last video is from July 2012 when he visited home before deploying the next week. Mom and dad thought he wasn't going to visit until August, but he wanted to surprise them this time, so all of us kids organized a big dinner and surprised mom and dad!" Video submitted to Welcome Home Blog by Gwen Curtiss on 9/13/2012. For media inquiries, send a message through the form on http://welcomehomeblog.com/contact/