Unity not division – September 06, 2013

My children, why is there so much division amongst you and not unity? I am the only Way, the Truth and the Life. There is none like Me and will never be, let no one deceive you. It is all about Me and My everlasting Kingdom and no one else. I am the only Door into Heaven. I will allow you entrance or refuse you. There is no other way than to follow Me, My way. Many are led astray by other people who cause division because they do not follow Me. That is why they are deceived and in darkness, not knowing it and I am not pleased. My children, I seek unity not division amongst you. I am not divided, you are. Submit yourselves to Me and My authority. Deny yourselves, pick up your cross every day and follow Me, My way as I guide and lead you by My Spirit to do My will in My Kingdom. I am King, Lord and Master and in control. I know My plan and purpose for each one, but you must willfully seek to do My will, then there will be unity and not division amongst you. Be obedient to Me because all the disobedient, those who cause division, will be punished because they are not pleasing to Me. Let no one deceive you or take you off course. There is only unity in Me. Do not continue in your stubbornness, and division. Repent, seek unity. Yield to My Spirit and do not resist or grieve My Spirit like so many do, that is why there is much division and not unity in My Body. I am to be feared, revered and glorified, and no one else. I am the only Head and no one else. Let My Spirit guide and lead each one, then there will be unity not division.