Van Ness Wu's 吴建豪 Personal Testimony of His Faith

I made a compilation of Van Ness' testimonies on how God worked in his life. I am very glad that Van Ness found Jesus and made Him his Lord. I pray that He will be an instrument to bring people closer to God. I've been praying about this video because I know He wants me to do this. I really hope we could conquer this generation together. Let us always remember that apart from God we are nothing. Let's continue to share the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord! ALL THE GLORY TO GOD! Van Ness Wu is a Man of God, a Servant and a Soldier of Light. Praise God! God bless you, Van! You have touched my life and I hope other people would be blessed through your testimonies too. You are always in my prayers. ~Danelle I'd also like to thank Pastor Jaeson Ma of 1040 Movie and Pastor Johnny Lee of 3rd Wave for reaching out and spreading the word of God. Thank you, Ptr. JMA! 1040 has changed my life and brought me closer to God. I know that the spirit of God is moving not only in Asia but across the whole world. Thank you for bringing us 1040, it's really awesome to see how God is moving in our lives. Ptr. Johnny and 3rd Wave, thank you for an awesome album! May the Lord use what you created and touch other peoples lives. Let us continue to worship and give praise unto Him through your songs. I pray that you will continue to bring us life changing songs all for the Glory of God. GOD BLESS EVERYONE! :) Credits to: The Official Blogsite of Van Ness Wu - The Official Jaeson Ma Website - The Official You Tube Account of 1040 Movie - 3rd Wave Music - Good TV, Taiwan VSWATOneLove YT Account davidbfung YT Account The Blueprint: Handbook for Revival on Campus FB Page Tracks used: Music owned by Sony, 3rd Wave and 1040. - LIFESONG - Casting Crowns - VOICE OF TRUTH - Casting Crowns - EVERYTHING TO ME - 3rd Wave Music Featuring Van Ness Wu If re-posting, please give credits, thank you~