Vin Diesel Announces 'Fast & Furious 7' Release Date - Fast & Furious 6 & 7 Spoilers! - Click to Subscribe! - Visit our site! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! We've got some breaking news out of Las Vegas about one of the most anticipated movies of not only this summer, but next summer too! Studios and celebrities have ascended upon Vegas to attend this year's CinemaCon and among them were Vin Diesel who made an appearance at Universal's presentation to not only speak about this summer's Fast and Furious 6, but also share some info on what's in store for the seventh film. We previously reported that plans were underway to shoot the follow-up as early as this summer for a planned 2014 release. Things were moving so fast and furious (pun intended) that director Justin Lin decided to step away in order to focus on getting the latest movie to theaters. Universal has since brought in Insidious director James Wan to take over directing duties and now it looks like we will in fact be seeing Fast and Furious 7 in theaters next summer and we even have a release date - July 11th, 2014! Diesel said that the reason for the quick turnaround to get a 7th film out was the fact that the film will tie in closely with the storyline of Fast and Furious 6. We previously revealed rumors of just how close the films will tie in to each other and needless to say it's extremely spoiler heavy, so you can click the link in the description for info on that. It's unclear which cast members will return, but Dwayne Johnson recently told Collider that he hadn't heard of a start date for a seventh installment and that if a summer start was to happen, he would most likely not be able to join the film as he will be busy shooting his Hercules movie. Regardless of who does return, Diesel stated that the seventh installment will in fact take place in Los Angeles and be the biggest Fast film yet. So who's excited to see a double dose of Fast and Furious? Rev up your comments below or hit us up on Twitter @ClevverMovies. Until next time, I'm Erin White, thanks for watching!