Waiting on God for a Life Long Mate: An Introduction

There is a wealth of GOOD, Biblically-based information on youtube on how to wait on God for and prepare for a mate. Instead of creating my own videos on this topic, I have made a playlist of 60+ of the BEST videos that will help, teach, encourage you and cause you to thrive. This video is an introduction to that playlist. THE PLAYLIST http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbRqusrPmB7k9_Y657zhoM2ppOsxPD8DL&feature=mh_lolz This carefully chosen list is for (young/older) women or men who are consecrating themselves (mind, body, and soul) and patiently waiting on The Lord for a marriage partner. Remember that True Love begins and end with Jesus, the Eternal Lover of Our Souls. -******Please be open-minded, search the Scriptures and pray on anything you do not agree with. Feel free to message me. Be a generous receiver of God's insight, wisdom, and Presence through these videos. **** Pictures: Google Images/Shutter Shock.com Text: Holy Spirit, also Holy Bible ******In addition to these videos, you might find the books pictured in the videos helpful. ("God is a matchmaker", by Derek & Ruth Prince, as well as Stephanie Herzog's book, "God is your matchmaker" ) They're available on amazon.com. Blessings!****