'War Room's' Pricilla Shire Shared on the Power of Prayer: Prayer is the Key to Unlock all the Power from Heaven

<p>Every visiable, phisycal event, we want to fight with physical solutions. However, everything happens in our community, our church and country,for all of these,there is a real enemy who is trying to make sure we do anything and everything except targeting him. War room shave your attention away from all you can see and don't forget that just because the enemy is invisiable, that doesn't mean he is visional. The enemy is very real He is very real. Prayer hits him where hurts.</p> <p>How poweful of prayer? If God's people just pray, God will hear. God will heal the land. Prayer is the key God gave us to unlock all the power of heaven. God is just waiting to release it.If you use the key, you will expience his power, glory and His present not only at your home but also in the world.</p>