Was 9/11 a Warning from God? Amazing Biblical Secrets of America's Future

*Updated - On 9/11/2001 the Twin Towers collapsed all around the exact spot where President George Washington dedicated our nation to God during his inauguration in 1789. Was 9/11 a warning from God for America to return to the Faith of Our Founding Fathers? Are more Judgements coming soon? Will God continue to judge America the exact same way He did ancient Israel? The amazing Bible prophecies concerning the connection between Israel & the United States when both nations turned away from Him. *Update -2/11/13 The Tree of Hope, mentioned in this video, is now dying. It cannot be saved. This is another sign of judgement clearly indicated in Gods word. Though a strong & healthy species, many dead branches have been cut-off & now ropes are holding the tree up. 12 shrubs were also planted near the tree. The 4 closest shrubs (2 on each side) are now dead while the others are healthy & thriving. Nothing will grow next to the TOH, including weeds. The Tree of Hope has been cursed by God. Is it symbolic of what will happen to America? From "The Harbinger" parts 1 & 2 courtesy of Jonathan Cahn & Sid Roth's, "It's Supernatural" television show. DVD available at www.sidroth.org.