Welcome to PlayStation Vita

PS Vita - PlayStation Vita - PlayStation is just days away from embarking on another historic console journey with the launch of PS Vita -- the most ambitious entertainment device you've ever held in your hands. PS Vita was first unveiled to the world as NGP, the "Next Generation Portable," last January and formally christened as PS Vita during E3 2011. In the time leading up to the big global launch day on February 22nd, we chronicled the designers as they created the world's most advanced handheld gaming system and heard from some of the most-respected game developers in the business. We also recently revealed what's in the box for the PS Vita First Edition Bundle launching to early adopters on February 15th. Today, we wanted to welcome you to our world with this new video. Guy Longworth, our Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, and John Koller, Senior Director of PlayStation Handhelds, show you everything you need to know to enjoy the out-of-box experience moments after you wake your PS Vita on the system's worldwide launch date -- February 22nd. The day we've been waiting for is nearly here! Remember, kids: Never. Stop. Playing.