Well Done - Deitrick Haddon. From The Movie, Blessed & Cursed

<div>Just wanna make it to heaven<br /> I just wanna make it in<br /> I just wanna cross that river<br /> I wanna be free from sin<br /> Oo, I just want my name written (Oh Lord)<br /> Written in the lambs Book of Life<br /> When this life is over<br /> I just wanna have eternal life<br />O wanna hear Him say <p>Well done, well done, well done<br /> You can come on in.<br /> Anybody wanna hear Him say? Yeah&nbsp;<em>[x2]</em><br /> Wave your hands where I can see 'em...</p> <p>Anybody wanna see your loved ones<br /> That you've lost along the way<br /> I just wanna walk those streets of gold, yeah<br /> They say the half has never, never been told<br /> I don't want my singing Lord<br /> I don't want it, to be in vain</p> <p>I just wanna cross that river of God<br /> That's why I'm living, day to day, just to hear him say<br /> I wanna hear 'em say, stand up on your feet, church<br /> Anybody wanna hear Him say, anybody out there?<br /> I wanna hear Him say<br /> Wave your hands right there... of the Lord<br /> I want you to close your eyes, don't loose your focus<br /> Your purpose for living in this life is to serve Jesus Christ<br /> And on the Day of Judgment, when it's all over<br /> He'll say, come on in my good and faithful servant<br /> Come on in, come on, lift your hands and worship<br /> Yeah,<br /> I feel the anointing of God right now, I feel the presence of the Lord right now<br /> If you wanna hear the Lord say well done,<br /> I want you to scream<br /> Anybody wanna hear Him say?&nbsp;<em>[x2]</em><br /> Hear Him say, I wanna hear Him say<br /> I wanna hear Him say<br /> Yeah, yeah, yeah<br /> You can come on in, my son<br /> You can come on in, my daughter<br /> You can come on in, you can come in</p> </div>