Whale Trying To Communicate With Humans By Imitating Their Boat's Motor!

<p><span>Luna was a little wild orca-boy who lost his family and, after that, started to look for contact with people which, in my opinion, is the best example of orca's demand for social intercourse. Just like people. It's a very important demand for people. And it seems the same important for orcas. Luna left alone, he was boring, and started to contact with people. It's interesting how they understand that people (and maybe some other animals, like dogs) are the same intelligent beings. Amazing is that even little orca-kids understand and distinguish people from other beings. Maybe did Luna learned something from his family, adult orcas? Maybe do they have a sort of lessons like in a school where adult orcas teach the kids not only rules of survival and hunting, but some basic knowledge about the world in general? For example, maybe they teach their kids that people are intelligent beings like orca and it's not good to attack people and consider them as prey. Maybe, it explains that there are no any records of attacking people by orcas in the wild. Lucky for us :))</span></p>