What If The Bible Said What Christians ACTUALLY Believe? | Jefferson Bethke

Hey guys! Hope this one is an encouragement! Any other verses you guys would add? What would they say? Let's be people that live what the scriptures say, not what we hope they say. UPDATE For those confused by the Genesis 1:31 verse, the thing I was trying to point out is there is no such thing as "secular" according to scriptures. 1st Timothy 4:4 is a good reference for this. How we receive something, and use it to point back up to God makes something "sacred". But it also must be in context of truth. So sex isn't evil, but adultery is. Relationships aren't evil, but manipulation is. The thing that is sad is a lot of Christians think they can only worship God in the "sacred" things like communion and Sunday church but God wants glory in EVERYTHING like eating a meal or listening to good music. We steal God's glory when we only "worship" him in the "holy" things. What makes something holy is how we receive it and enjoy it according to it's original context and thank him for it, rather than distort it.