What is important? – August 18, 2013

My children, nothing in the world must be more important to you, than to know Me for who I really am and for what I am able to do, to obey and follow Me, My way. Nothing else must be more important than to fulfill your Kingdom purpose, My will. What will it profit anyone, if you gain the whole world, but lose your own soul? Then everything will be in vain. There are many whose priorities are still not right. Nothing must be more important than Me and My Kingdom in your lives. I must be your fist love. If you love anything more than Me then you are not worthy of Me. Many are in enmity with Me because other things are more important to them, they love the things of the world more than Me. I know every heart. Get your own priorities right. Trust Me and put Me and My Kingdom first and I will work all things out for good at My time according to My purpose and plan. Seek for yourselves treasures in Heaven that will last and not earthly treasures that will all perish, that have no eternal value. Keep your focus on Me and My Kingdom and not on the kingdoms of the world, they will all perish. You must care about the lost souls, they must be important to you because if you truly love Me you will also care. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. Each one of you must work on your own relationship with Me, you must get to know Me more and better every day. What will it help, if you know many people but you do not know Me whom it is all about? It will be all in vain. The one who diligently seeks Me will find Me. I am always available and faithful. I reward those who diligently seek Me and I reveal Myself as I wish. Let nothing be more important than to seek Me and to get to know Me for real I am alive.