'What Love Is' Small Human Video 'Close Up Performance'

This is a Human Video that was completely created by this team, and Our Amazing GOD! David Bates, Beau Rich, Ryan Carter, and Bethany Bryan (me) its about Breakthrough. Beginning is a little funny, kinda a spoof off Adam and Eve! Then satan gets in the picture, and all hell breaks loose. Girl gets pregnant, her dad hits her and her boyfriend for it, so she gets an abortion. Then u see Ryan's side, as his happy family turns into Divorce...with all this going on, it gets too much, and the two commit suicide. But as they blame each other...God rewinds the Past and they start new. The Girl turning away from the world, and giving her life to Jesus...the Boy turning to himself for the answers, rejecting God's Love. At the End its a POWERFUL message on Breakthrough!!!! In which you hear our Evangel Temple Youth Pastor preach on the Belief of this Generation! And clips from my Personal Testimony!!! The Main Focus of this drama is to show...that, "When things get hard, don't give up...know that ur Breakthrough is coming!" - Me :) GOD BLESS