What Spiritual Gift Did God Give You?

The scriptures teach us that the church, a group of Christian (disciples of Jesus Christ) people, are called the body of Christ. They are God's method to reach the world and this group of people is blessed by twenty-one different gifts of the Spirit. As we have learned in the previous seven messages in this series, the twenty-one gifts are broken down into three groups of seven, five, and nine respectively. The group of seven are called the Operation gifts; the five are called Administration gifts; and the nine are called the Manifestation gifts. Below are nine points that will be covered in this message: 1. Know and understand the Romans 12 regarding the gifts. 2. Think through how you are best involved in the lives of others. 3. Compare the focus of each of the gifts and see if one of them fits your frame of reference. 4. Review the problems or the inherent dangers of each of the gifts and see if they reflect similar weaknesses you may have. 5. Dialogue with other responsible Christians to get their opinions. They see you from a different point of view. 6. Involve yourself with others. Try the gifts out. See which one fits you. 7. Do not despise prophecy. Timothy came to know his gift through prophecy and the laying on of hands, and although this is not the rule, but rather the exception, we must not despise it. 8. Respond scripturally to the Administry gifts since they are given to perfect and develop us. They are obviously going to have significant things to say to us. 9. There is no pressure when you are functioning in your gift. You are not trying to be someone else or something else. You are your gift. You are being yourself. You will therefore be able to minister almost tirelessly. You will find true joy and fulfillment. You can also find more resources from Nothing But The Truth here: http://YourSpiritualGift.org http://NothingButTheTruth.org Facebook - http://ow.ly/stQnV Twitter - http://Twitter.com/TeachingNBTT Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/nbttorg/ GNLI Christian Post - http://gnli.christianpost.com/channel/NothingButTheTruth