What this smart dog can do is truly incredible! Just watch!

<p><span>Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks 2!! Whoever said tricks can't be useful?&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Jesse is back, by popular demand, in this all new video showcasing more Useful Dog Tricks. Jesse's heartwarming charm is bound to put a smile on the face of those who watch his adorable antics.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Jesse loves helping around the house, and there is no better help than that of an energetic little Jack Russell Terrier. We hope you enjoy our video; we had a lot of fun making it!</span><br /><span>~Heather and Jesse~</span><br /><br /><span>*Our relationship is based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust. We have a wonderful relationship and bond, and that is the foundation of our training. We train all behaviors through the use of positive reinforcement and relationship-based training * To find out more, head on over to:</span><br /><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="http://justjessethejack.com" dir="ltr" href="http://justjessethejack.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://justjessethejack.com</a><span>&nbsp;</span><br /><br /><span>Become a Fan of "Just Jesse the Jack" on Facebook to follow all of Jesse's Adventures!:</span><br /><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="http://facebook.com/JustJessetheJack" dir="ltr" href="http://facebook.com/JustJessetheJack" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://facebook.com/JustJessetheJack</a><br /><br /><span>Special thanks to Josh Woodward for the use of the songs "Goodbye to Spring" both Full &amp; Instrumental version. His music is under Creative Commons. Check out more of his awesome music at:</span><br /><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="http://youtube.com/joshwoodward" dir="ltr" href="http://youtube.com/joshwoodward" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://youtube.com/joshwoodward</a><span>&nbsp;</span><br /><span>and</span><br /><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="http://joshwoodward.com" dir="ltr" href="http://joshwoodward.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://joshwoodward.com</a><br /><br /><span>For great products for your best friends, like the ones Jesse was shopping for in this video, head on over to:</span><br /><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="http://nylabone.com" dir="ltr" href="http://nylabone.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://nylabone.com</a><br /><br /><span>Jesse's shopping was just too cute that I couldn't resist adding it to this video too =o)</span></p>