When You Are Not There, Bears Do Something You Never Imagine! Too Cute And Funny!

<p>Ever wonder what bears do when we're not looking? These images were captured with a remote wildlife camera as various species visited a "communications" or "rub" tree in Kananaskis Country, leaving a scent as a form of communication to other bears and animals. The image data is being collected as part of a collaborative study looking at multi-species habitat use within our mountainous landscape. In addition to various wildlife species, millions of people visit Kananaskis Country each year. Alberta Parks dedicates significant efforts to maintaining a positive coexistence of wildlife and park visitors through tools such as our bear shepherding program, wildlife proof garbage bins and superior visitor education. Learn more about human/wildlife conflict prevention at www.wildsmart.ca. For more information about our research, visit http://albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/science-research.aspx Thanks also to our partners in this research, Alberta Environment &amp; Sustainable Resource Development, and Alberta Innovates -Technology Futures http://www.albertatechfutures.ca/ Many thanks to Ewan Dobson for letting us use his incredible music!</p>