Where Are You God?

Do you struggle in connecting to God? Learn how to build and maintain a more effective and meaningful relationship with Him. Watch this program, read the transcript and request the free Bible Study aid booklet "Making Life Work" at http://www.ucg.org/beyond-today-program/christian-living/where-are-you-god == 6 Building Blocks of Prayer == 1. You must approach God with a sense of humility and awe. 2. Don't make prayer a ritual. 3. You must believe that God will answer your prayers. 4. In your faith you must seek God's purpose. 5. You must be patient and persistent. 6. You must ask in the name of Jesus Christ. -- Free Bible Study Aid -- Making Life Work http://www.ucg.org/booklet/making-life-work Looking for some good advice? You may not realize it, but you probably already own the best self-help book ever published, one that's loaded with practical guidance to help you achieve success in your career, friendships, finances, family and every other aspect of life. That book is your Bible. We've prepared this guide, Making Life Work, to help you discover the Bible's principles for success.