Why Do We Pray In Jesus Name?

Why do we pray in Jesus' name? Scripture tells us everything in word or deed, do all in the name of Jesus to the glory of God the Father. In John chapter 14, you see scriptures listed Jesus said, "Ask the Father anything in my name." That's the name we go through. We can present that name. That's the name that the Father recognizes. That's the name where you have to go through. It's almost like having a certain identification in order to get into a certain facility. It's a secret code, so to speak, it's not a secret but it's like a code that you have to have. Well, because there's no other way. God wants you to acknowledge his Son. And his Son is Jesus, or Yeshua. You have to acknowledge that.

That's the way, that's why we have to come in Jesus' name. Everything in word or deed we do it in His name. There's no other way to God but through Jesus. No other way to God. There's no other way but through Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the light. No man comes to the father except through him. You can't come to him in the name of Allah, Hare Krishna, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Joseph Smith. You can't come to Him in the name of all these other different religions out there. You've got to come to God in the name of Jesus, and that's the right one.

Many people say there's so many gods out there, or they think there's so many ways to God. No, no, no. There's only one way and that way is through Jesus. That's why we pray in the name of Jesus. Whenever you pray, you say, "Father, I'm asking you in the name of Jesus." You've got his attention now. That's how we get in.