Why Jesus Still Hates Religion (And You Should Too) | Jefferson Bethke

Hey folks, hope this video is an encouragement! This video is more of a "teaser" video than a "teaching" video like some of my other ones. This video is meant to spark thought, emotion, and conversation. The script is an exact quote from chapter 4 of my new book. If you want to think more on this, or study it more you can check out my book at the link above. I pray most of all this video would be a reminder that Jesus constantly was breaking barriers, rather than putting them up. Of course we need to fight for truth, fight against sin, and stand for Jesus. But I think a lot of times we do that in all the wrong ways and areas. A lot of us are prone to make enemies and we don't even realize it, when Jesus constantly was making friends. He was constantly reconciling, loving, serving, and inviting the downtrodden. It seems the people he had the biggest problem with, and who could be seen as his "enemies" were the people who created the system of "us vs them" in the first place.