You can't properly Understand what "Love" means until you know God *first*

I have personally FELT God's love, it was nothing like i ever experienced before. God has meaning for everything He does. You atheists who follow the wind are missing out on the biggest love you will ever get. The defining of the word "love" is so loosely-based nowadays - given such shallow & vague description, that it can be quite a letdown for various people. Religion teaches people hate & strife. Jesus taught us love & friendship. Philosophy is the love of wisdom; Christianity is the wisdom of love. Let's teach the next generation in school to love the Lord! The reason evil exists is because Satan rules this world. Everyone whoever felt the wrath of G-d were messing around in divination, occult and witchcraft. Moses proved that God was more powerful than Satan yet the Egyptians held on to those evil beliefs, yes Satan comes in many forms. In order for us to love something genuinely there MUST be hate for is hate did not exist then is love really love? NO it is just a thought form because we would not know of hate so then love would not, could not exist, God realized what Satan had done, but because of this, God knew ppl would choose sides, those who come to Satan (as i did) have it easy, trust me Satan's way of life is easy, ppl think "oh God does not listen" but he does, you just have to live the way he wants you to, Sin is attributed to Satan, why would God reward sin? Hell is for those who reject His forgiveness and choose not to return His love. God loves you, my friends. He loves you more than even your parents possibly ever could. He calls everyone to Heaven, and He respects our free will and let us live our lives the way we choose to. He doesn't want ANYONE to go to Hell! He is all-forgiving. There is no sin you, me, or anyone could commit that He would not forgive. Not even the "Unforgivable Sin" is truly unforgivable. I hope this helped :-)