Young Boy With Rare Disorder Lives Fuller Life Thanks to God

Avery J. Mullins survived 6 and a half years, almost to the exact time, with ornethine transcarbymylace deficiency, OTC. Many young boys born with this disorder do not survive past a few days. Avery made miracles in his short life. Newborns are now tested for extra disorders, 28 to be exact, to help save the infants life. Plus, the medications he was on were FDA approved because of his struggling. Avery may not be here physically but he is in spirit through many children who will survive longer lives with the medications that helped keep him alive. Avery moved mountains though he could not move on his own. He never spoke words but he did know how to get his point across. Avery smiled through most of his pain. He touched the lives of many! If you were blessed to have met him, I pray he will be in your hearts forever as he is in mine. This young boy showed me what it is to love and live! He is truly missed!!! (Made with love, To Avery, from Aunt Michelle!) Thank you Tonya and Eddie for allowing me to share in the love Avery gave to each life he touched! The two songs on this video do not belong to me. No infringement is intended, and there will be no monetary gain. This is solely for the remembrance of one of God's true miracles on Earth. The songs belong to the artists and their recording companies. The first song is "Precious Child" by Karen Taylor. The second song is "Slipped Away" by Avril Lavigne.